We make alot'a beers. Some come and some go and some are gone forever. Take a look yo.

Dare Mighty things IPa & Variants- Our original Hazy Bro

Resist MilkShake IPA & Variants - Excessively Dry Hopped and brewed with Vanilla and Lactose

Hustle & Flow - Mosaic & Citra Single Hop Hazy Pale Ale

Things of that nature - Double Hazy Double Dry Hopped

Mixed Culture Program

We're big fans of mixed culture. The problem is our clean beers are NOT fans of bugs like Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus. So... right now the SoWAH barrels are patiently waiting away from the clean tanks while they slowly take breaths and slowly produce acid and funk. We're sincerely hoping to grow this program once we have more space in 1807. But you'll have to be patient because it takes nearly a year before the wort fully embraces the funk and it's ready for packaging.