Food & Wine Magazine's 19 Craft Breweries Worth Going Out of Your Way For

To say we don't deserve to be on a list with many of these breweries is an understatement. That said, we're proud to have been included on this list of amazeballs breweries from Food & Wine that aren't exactly on the beaten path.

To say it'd have been an easier path to have built this joint in a major metropolitan area with millions of "locals" is yet another major understatement. But here we are. In Eau Claire Wisconsin. And we aren't going anywhere. (Even if certain city officials and skeezy politicians in Madison are doing their best to make it difficult to do business here...)

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NEW BEERS / Best of Voting!





The next round of our single Hopped DMT series is... GALAXY! A super tropical hop from down under. Get it in cans while you can. In cans.



Our first stab at a milk shake IPA brewed with Lactose for a nice smooth body with residual sweetness and hopped with CITRA and MOSAIC!



A New Hazy IPA brewed up with two of our favorite hops: Citra and El Dorado. This one is a tip of the hat to Will's time spent in the USMC and honors all the silly ass E3s. Back in 1775... 7.5% ABV

FLOW can 112217.png


Our super duper single dry hopped Hazy Pale Ale features a boatload of Citra and at a lower gravity you'll be able to crush these suckers all day long. Stay tuned for HUSTLE!



As you may have seen, a small group of legislators have decided to take on the cause of modernizing the laws that govern Wisconsin's brewerys, wineries, and distilleries. PLEASE take a moment to reach out to your legislators and the governor and ask them to publicly support "Cheers Wisconsin"/LRB-3614.


Don't know who your legislators are? 
Use this link and type in your address:

Don't know what to say?
Feel free to copy and paste the following:

I am contacting you today to ask for your support in modernizing Wisconsin Chapter 125. On Tuesday August 1st several state legislators introduced LRB-3614, which is the first step in a campaign called “Cheers Wisconsin”. Please consider voicing public support and co-sponsoring this bill as well as subsequent bills in the “Cheers Wisconsin” campaign.

For too long special interests have worked to enact barriers to entry for Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs in the name of an outdated three-tier system. While the three-tier system has it’s roots in very legitimate concerns coming out of prohibition it, unfortunately, exists today as a means to limit competition in a market that is almost unrecognizable from it’s original intent. The “Cheers Wisconsin” campaign marks the first time in Wisconsin’s history that legislators, regardless of party affiliation, have introduced legislation that looks to modernize Chapter 125.

Wisconsin’s small and independent brewers, distillers, and wineries are a great asset to our state’s economy and are a driver of economic growth that is truly home grown. By supporting these family owned businesses we’re fostering entrepreneurs and innovators who chose to open and grow their businesses in our great state. We need not continue to allow antiquated laws to stand in their way. 

Again, I ask you to support Representative Tauchen’s bill LRB-3614 and the “Cheers Wisconsin” campaign’s efforts to modernize Wisconsin’s Chapter 125 through your public support and co-sponsoring of this bill and future bills. I would also ask that you please respond to my request so I know where you stand on this important issue.

Thank you for your time and service to our great state.